A Quick Guide to Getting Invloved at TBR...


Interested in Volunteering at TBR?  Read This Page (also available in print at the shop).

Volunteers PLEASE:  Sign up and check the schedule here

What is this place?
TBR is a collective of bicycle enthusiasts committed to removing bikes from the waste stream, and putting them back into use.  We build bicycle community through hands-on education. Encouraging riding bicycles as a way of life and as resistance to  consumer culture.

TBR is a volunteer-run, non-commercial space that has a commitment to peacably building community and dismantling hierarchy.  We struggle against authoritarianism, capitalism, racism, sexism and homophobia.  This means that within our space, we try to build a culture without hierarchy, without discrimination and without violence or aggression..

As a volunteer, practice mutual aid and respect.  Help those in need; Ask for help when you need it; respect the space and everyone in it.

How to Get Involved?
Volunteering is as simple as showing up to an open shop session and beginning to participate.  As a new volunteer you will have a lot to learn, like where we keep things, and how to answer the many questions you will receive, but be patient, and don’t be afraid to ask for help. 

You do NOT need to be an experienced bike mechanic to volunteer at TBR.  We welcome all levels of know-how.   However, if you don’t have the desire to learn, you might not last that long.  If you do have the desire to learn, the sky is the limit.

The key to volunteering is coming back and creating a semi-consistent schedule for yourself and others.  If you keep showing up, not only will you learn, but your presence will be appreciated.

Working Groups
Smaller groups of volunteers meet and discuss projects outside of these meetings and regularly report back.  Some working group examples are: propaganda, facilities, Fem Shop, and more... 


The greeter remains in the front of the shop space, assuring that all participants sign in and orienting newcomers to the space.  The greeter is also  responsible for helping with bike adoption, and selling accessories such as lights, bells, and locks.  As a greeter, it is best to assign a newcomer to a specific volunteer mechanic, if possible.

Tool Room Attendant
The tool room attendant monitors the tool room area and assists patrons and other volunteers with finding small parts and special tools.  During busy open shop sessions, this role is critical in maintaining order in the space, keeping  the mess under control, and keeping track of useful one-of-a-kind tools.

Volunteer mechanics are the gears and guts of TBR.    As a new volunteer mechanic much of your role might be observing projects in the works, but sooner or later, you will pick up a wrench with confidence.  Being a mechanic at TBR is NOT about fixing other peoples’ bikes.  It is about teaching and helping.  We want to teach and empower TBR patrons to care for their own bikes,  so don’t let anyone talk you into doing the work for them!



Suggested Donation
We are a non-commercial space. We accept and rely on monetary donations, but instead of assigning certain value to objects that have been given to us, we will often assess or ask a patron what a good or service is worth to them and suggest a fair donation.  We don’t turn anyone away for lack of funds.  ... but we also do not like to be taken advantage of.  Sometimes its a fine line.

No Wrench-Grabbing!
Sometimes it is very tempting to take a tool from someone who is using it incorrectly or having trouble with the task.  Please think again!  We empower others to work through their frustrations with calm explanations and courteous suggestions.   Often it is helpful to teach by example by starting a process or showing how a tool is correctly used, but remember to allow someone the opportunity to finish it themselves.

Keep the Shop Tidy!
Clean up after yourself!  Clean up after others!  TBR is a collective spaces, so we need to be considerate of those who will open the shop the next day.  Clean-up time bell rings 30 minutes before the end of a shop session.  This is a signal to wrap up projects and clean-up parts and tools.   Lead by example, and learn where things go in the process.

Meet People Where They Are...
Every situation is an opportunity to teach and to learn from one another.... if you let it.  Keep TBR a safe space and try not to judge people before getting to know them.