Bikes for Unity House

Thanks to all the TBR peops who turned out Saturday for the Kids Bike Fixup day... all these bikes (on right) will go to the local non-profit Unity House and eventually end up in the hands of appreciative families.  It was a successful work day (and it will feel great to get rid of so many bikes at once -- to make room for more, of course).







Collar City Polo in the Schenectady Gazette







— Rita Verga is the only player who has broken a bone.

So far.

Upcoming Events (er... volunteer opportunities)

This Friday 11/28 ~6-8pm: Informal Open Shop During Troy Night Out
stop by, hang out, adjust your brake pads, put on your winter tires, etc.  check out the TNO site here.
Saturday 12/6 2-6pm:  Kids Bike Fixup Day & TBR Volunteer Party...

Book Rescue

I came across the Book Thing, here on the internet... It's a free book store that is thriving in Baltimore, MD.  Its like the Bike Rescue, but with books.  An interesting and inspiring story. Check it out:

To hell with it, lets just ban cars

Just kidding, kind of.

The City Room covered a new study released by Hunter College, looking at how cyclists are perceived at not "following" traffic laws.

Study Finds Cyclists Disobey Traffic Laws

Avoiding bike theft: Making sure your bike is still there when you get back

It seems as if I hear about someone's bike getting stolen every few days now. Not only bikes, but wheels and seat posts too. I've started double locking my bike. I'm not thrilled about it, but I still have my bike -- even though it make take an extra minute or two to lock or unlock it.

Bamboo Bikes!

This project seems really cool. I wonder if anyone would be interested in buiding a bike out of locally sourced materials here?

Another article about bike sharing

So, no great points for orginality, but I wanted to share this article:

This article looks at the different bike sharing programs in Europe and how effective they are.

Halloween weekend I had a conversation with a man from Holland. We started talking about bikes (shocking!) and I found myself trying to explain bike rescues, polos, and fixed gears despite his limited English and my absent Dutch.

He was trying to figure out why we didn't ride more bikes in the states.