24K Gold Fixed Gear Bicyle!

I call dibs if one of these shows up at the shop.

"Aurumania took a page out of the Damien Hirst handbook and built ten 24k gold plated track bikes. If that wasn’t enough they stuck 600 Swarovski crystals on each one. Price tag: $102,418.60 USD."

What Would Portland Do?

Wednesday night was the first public meeting for the City of Albany's Bicycle Master Plan. "What would Portland do" seemed to be a reoccurring theme from the article in the Times Union.

More on the story here.

How long would it take to pedal to Bogotá, Colombia from Berkeley?

I was cruising for some good news after reading a lot of depressing articles on climate change. This made me feel better.

Make sure you click on the link for the cover of "East Bay Monthly," it made me laugh out loud.

Quick Hit

Pink Tall Bike strikes again!.

Bikes for Unity House

Thanks to all the TBR peops who turned out Saturday for the Kids Bike Fixup day... all these bikes (on right) will go to the local non-profit Unity House and eventually end up in the hands of appreciative families.  It was a successful work day (and it will feel great to get rid of so many bikes at once -- to make room for more, of course).







Collar City Polo in the Schenectady Gazette







— Rita Verga is the only player who has broken a bone.

So far.

Upcoming Events (er... volunteer opportunities)

This Friday 11/28 ~6-8pm: Informal Open Shop During Troy Night Out
stop by, hang out, adjust your brake pads, put on your winter tires, etc.  check out the TNO site here.
Saturday 12/6 2-6pm:  Kids Bike Fixup Day & TBR Volunteer Party...