Summer Bike Polo Kickoff & BBQ

Collar City Polo crew is coming/going to Albany!

Sunday, June 21st, at 1pm.

We will be playing at the tennis courts at Washington Park.

Mallets are provided, so bring yer bike and come on out!

TBR Volunteers Rock the Commuter Contest!

Congratulations to Feliks and Dakota for placing first and third in the annual capital district communter contest, and proving that bikes are cooler than cars. Also to Andrew F for coming in 5th, and to every other bike that raced, you know who you are.

Check out the coverage here at all over albany.

It is ride your bike to work day!

Well, for some of us this is every day, or every other day.

In honor of the holiday here is the slacker’s guide to bike commuting.

Whose streets? Our Streets!

One German suburb has banned cars from its streets, reserving them to garages on the edge of town. Instead, people walk, bike and use public transportation to get around.

How revolutionary.

Check out the article and slide show here.

First Nite Ride of the Summer - May 6, 2009
























Mark your calendars for this event: May 8.

download and print the black & white flyer below.
twgBWposter.pdf386.94 KB

Updated TBR Flyers

Got a printer or copier access?

If you want to help promote TBR, print some of these out, and distribute them at your favorite spots.
(4-up pdf file at the bottom of this blog entry).

TBRSpring09flyer.pdf691.37 KB

Blaze a collective trail with colorful chalk bikeprints

I love this concept.

"Conceived by Pepin Gelardi and Teresa Herrmann, this frame-mounted device would allow cyclists to make their mark on the street with faint lines of chalk. The rear wheel spins a smooth trail of color onto the pavement as the bike whizzes along."

Wouldn't it be great if we could get every cyclist in the area to have one of these on their bikes. People could start to see how often people use their bikes and where they ride.

Albany TBR shop tears it up this weekend at the Monster Track X NYC 2009

Is it sad that I recognize the bikes first and the people second. Anyway, great job guys! I heard that Albany came in 19th and 27th.

Anyway, here is part 2 after the jump