The Camel

This is one short video clip from our trip to Toronto. We are in the process of editing and producing more.

We also took the ghost bike with us. You can check out another clip about it being built here:

TBR Goes to Bike!Bike! in Toronto... by bicycle, of course!



On Friday August 6th, a group of local bike activists, affiliated with Troy Bike Rescue will set out on a 7-day bike ride to Toronto.  The group will be attending Bike!Bike! (, an annual international gathering of non-profit community bike projects.  They will be taking the Erie canal trail route, crossing the border at Niagara Falls and on to Toronto.  The group intends to ride back after the conference on a northern route, circumnavigating Lake Ontario.

TBR on the streets!

this Saturday July 17th TBR is doing two community events:

we will be downtown for the Troy Farmers Market/Pig Out, from 9am-1pm.

come find us on River St. near Monument Square, where we'll be distributing info, accepting bike (or $) donations, pumping tires + patching flats, and hopefully offering our new t-shirts! t-shirt preview image

and at 1pm we will move north to hold a mobile bike repair clinic at 101st Street & 5th/6th Avenue in north central Troy, at the empty lot across from the Missing Link Street Ministry.

Show Tonight! Bikers and Noise kids unite!

Presented by casper electronics!


experimental sound scape, food. Free, donation would be rad.

BYOBBQ potluck at 8pm (directly following TroyBikeRescue open shop)
Music starts at 9pm

The Love Story:
Solo Sax and electronics

Poverty Hymns:
Solo guitar and electronics

No Chains No Brains :: Thoughts and info

No Chains No Brains was great great fun!

For those that did not know, No Chains No Brains was a downhill gravity bike race that happened in troy on january 26th. Its true organizers are unknown, but the flyers came into the shop and it sounded like fun so we had at it. Rumor has it another one will be happening sooner than later, so keep your eyes peeled and your imagination running for your next downhill creation.

the course was from the field house at RPI on Peoples Ave., through the light at Peoples&Burdett, and finishing 75 or so feet away from the 15th&Peoples intersection. It was surprisingly NOT scary or too rough of a hill and people of all comfort levels on a bike handled it with grace and ease.

CAC Starving Artists Brunch

The Troy Bike Rescue was voted to be featured in the Contemporary Art Centers bi-monthly starving artists brunch!


Brunch attendees will get to see an array of recycled bicycle mutations ranging from utilitarian cargo bike prototypes to the more freakish triple tall bike and “crotch-rocket coaster”. During brunch there will be an opportunity to check out and test ride these creations and hear TBR representatives discuss the history and future of their projects with accompanying photos.

Bring a friend AND BRING YOUR BIKE! After brunch, TBR will lead a short ride from the CAC to bomb the best hill in Troy!

here is the facebook event if you roll like dat:

Visit the CAC while you are on the interwebz too:

Cyclist Awareness / Helping a friend in need

Dear friends,

Erin Colligan, a beloved member of the Troy community, avid cyclist and talented stylist at Indigo Organic Salon on River Street, was struck by a motorist on May 24 while riding her bike through the intersection of Hoosick St. and 6th Ave.

Erin suffered serious injuries including 4 broken ribs, a broken collarbone, a broken shoulder blade, 2 fractured spinal processes and a broken clavicle which required a steel plate to surgically repair the bone, found to have snapped out her neck, protruding the skin. Thankfully, Erin was wearing her helmet - found to have cracked in half when her head hit the pavement - which saved her life.

shop closed for volunteer meeting 6/16

a quick note to let internet travellers know that Learn & Earn is cancelled this evening (6/16) because we will be holding a volunteers meeting in the shop.  have a good day and hope to see you soon at TBR!

Bicycle Tour of Community Gardens in Troy

 May 15th, 2010 at 12pm
Meet at Troy Bike Rescue at 11:30 - 51 3rd St. in downtown

Does your bike need a quick spring tune-up?
Show up at 11 and TBR can help!

Troy Bike Rescue and Community Gardens of the Capital District are
collaborating to host a fun and educational bicycle tour of Troy's
Community Gardens. Join us as we traverse the nooks and neighborhoods
of Collar City from South to North, visiting ten gardens and the new
Produce Project, a Youth-Powered urban farm. Tour guides and guests
along the way will tell the story of community gardens in Troy and beyond.