Newsletter :: March 2012

Hey Troy Bike Rescue Supporters!photo courtesy of Will Gill (click image for link)
Here's what's up with TBR as we move into the Spring. 
Check it out, and then stop by and see us at the Wheelhouse sometime soon.

                                                                          photo courtesy of Will Gill

New Spring Schedule Begins in March!

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2011 Year-In-Review

Winter Hours at the Wheelhouse

Greetings website visitors!  If you are here, you are probably wondering if we are open for the winter. Answer: Yes & No.  We are reducing our hours and shop operations pretty seriously for two reasons... 1) our space is not currently heated, so we will just have a small area open to do necessary repairs and service bikes that come in with winter riders. 2) we are focusing much of our volunteer energy on some much needed renovations of our building, so that we can be more open next winter.

Winter Hours are as follows (starting Dec. 5th):  Mondays ONLY 5-8pm

If you are interested in volunteering for TBR to help with building work, please contact Andrew at breathingplanet AT or watch our facebook page for updates on work parties.

PS. Don't let a little cold weather keep you from riding to work or play!  Remember there is no such thing as bad weather, just the wrong clothing. 

TBR is 2011's Troy Treasure!!

Troy Bike Rescue is very happy share that we have been awarded the Troy Treasure Award by TRIP ( Troy Rehabilitation & Improvement Program).  We will be honored and presented the award at a dinner on October 24.  We are thankful and grateful to our many volunteers, donors, and supporters.  There are simply too many to list, but you know who you are!  Keep up
the good work and share your bike love through the winter months!
Here's a quick announcement from The Record about the event.

TBR News August 2011

It has been a busy summer for us.  We are filling up the Wheelhouse (our new home in North Troy) with bicycle love and it is beginning to overflow on to the streets of North Central.  However, its somehow feels strange that as the shit seems to be really hitting hard this week around the world, we are busy celebrating a successful summer and carrying on.  Famine, Police Brutality, Monsanto, Factory Farms, Tar Sands, Mountain Top Removal, Nuclear Energy, Fracking, Unemployment, Unjust War!  What a mess!  It's pretty overwhelming, really.  

Anyways, here's some things that we have been up to:

Back from Maine Bike tour
TBR is back from summer bike tour. 15 people took a bike trip to the Maine coast and back. There was adventure.  Andrew blogged some about it here: Andrew blogged about it some here,
and there is a short video up too

July 2011 :: TBR News

Summer is on... Uptown Summer, that is....

June 2011 :: What's News?

What's new with us?  A lot!  We have officially moved into our new home, The Wheelhouse, at 3280 6th avenue in North Troy, and had our first week of open shops this past week.  Our fundraiser on May 28th at The Sanctuary for Independent Media was a great success.  Plus, we have a new "youth hours" initiative on the way...


Our new home is a big improvement for us!  It's the simple things, like a display rack for adoption bikes, a couch for hanging out and waiting, a greeters desk where people can check in & out, and individual tool boxes that go with each stand that make it work better already.  We are still getting organized (and can always use help), but it is exciting!!


Our NEW ADDRESS IS 3280 6TH AVE.  Today (Monday June 6) is the first Open shop in the new space!!!!

 HUGE thank yous to all those who came out and supported at our recent fundraiser.  It was a blast, and  the proceeds will most certainly help us through the summer with the expenses of our new home.