Guilderland Recycling Day


For the past few years, Guilderland Central School District has begun to hold a twice-annual Recycling Extravaganza.  After attending the first event; Mike realized many attendees to the event were dropping bicycles to be recycled with the scrap metals.  Mike reached out to Renee Panetta, the school district’s Recycling Coordinator to see if he could become involved in the event.  Renee was thrilled to have an outlet for these re-usable bikes; rather than seeing them recycled.  The second recycling event netted over 60 bikes for Mike to restore and distribute in the community; the third event over 50 and the fourth event over 70! 
The spring 2013 Recycling Event will bring Guilderland Schools into a partnership with the Capital Region Recycling Partnership for a community-wide, 13-municipality HUGE event….which (as you’ve probably guessed, will also be collecting bicycles).
Hats off to Mike for being pro-active enough to create a wonderful re-use collection stream!  Mike says:
"The recycling day at Guilderland School System was quite successful. In total 71 items were donated. This included 3 tricycles, one large wheel scooter, and the remainder were 2 wheel bikes, I'm not counting the skateboard I scored.  Of the bicycles, about 30% were adult type bikes, no collectables, but there were some nice older bikes, 60's vintage.  I have 5 bikes ready to go, and as soon as I complete a few more, I'll bring them to TBR and drop off your banner."