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Successful Holiday Bike Gift-Away

On Sunday, December 16, TBR gave away about 50 bikes to kids from all over the region!!  Some families had made reservations ahead of time, and others showed up on the day of.  Our volunteer labor prepared the many bikes from our inventory of donations:

Then, people came and picked them up.  Some of the kids were present, and some parents were going to surprise them.  It went off without a hitch.  In fact, the whole neighborhood had a collaborative celebration organized by people with Uptown Initiative, the Missing Link, The Sanctuary for Independent Media and TBR.  Read more at this Record article:

New Documentary about TBR!

hey everyone, check out this video made by one of our interns  from RPI this past semester:

Open Source Pedal Power Workshop - May 5

In an effort to get some stuff going on here in Troy again (now that the
weather has come around), we are calling for Monday night work sessions
focused on building mutant bikes and other pedal powered things. We
have access to Dakota's welder and hope to bring one or two tool kits
from the Albany space for working on bikes... There are still a lot of
bikes in need of fixin up and redistribution in the original bike
basement. The tentative name of is Mutant Mondays: Open Source Pedal
Power. suggestions welcome! other ideas for summer activity include

Bikes Belong Video

Newest News Item

The Biking community is mourning the death of Sheldon Brown today.

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